The reality.

If the model worked, we would see many examples of supportive housing units flourishing with both tenants and communities benefiting. Instead we see tenants suffering, communities in crisis and BC Housing's lack of response.

Communites left holding the burden of care.

This is a perfect example, along with other locations in BC, how communities want to be supportive but are left holding the burden of care. It’s not fair to the supportive housing workers, the residents, and the community when models like this are considered a success by BC Housing. This is ultimately why CS is not the right location for an adult only housing first harm reduction facility. We're curious to know how BC Housing measures success for these projects - if it’s people being housed there is a major flaw as it doesn’t factor in so many other important variables that need to be considered (as we are seeing throughout BC).

Not having enough support staff.

The impact of not having enough support staff. 1 or 2 support staff for hundreds of residents across from a school.

Minister's use of Paramountcy - Absolute Power

We have seen the approach from the Minister Responsible for Housing, Hon. D. Eby in other communities and it's not working well.